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Brochures on Smokeless Tobacco

"Smokeless Tobacco- Think Before You Chew"

Publication No.W190

A very good three-panel brochure primarily focused at young adults age 10-21. Covers advertising and labeling and facts about smokeless and offers some photos of receding gums and staining caused by SLT. Shows before and after photos of Sean Marsee. Offers good answers to why people shouldn't be taken in by athletes, cowboys and music stars who chew or advertise tobacco. Produced in 1990.

Photos: Five photos, with two on oral conditions and two of Sean Marsee.

To obtain: Contact the American Dental Association, Division of Communications, 211 East Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60611 and ask for brochure W190.

" Spit Tobacco- It's More Than You Can Swallow"

Superb four fold legal sized brochure that has excellent photos and presentation to young adults. Covers being a victim to tobacco advertising, facts about spit tobacco, early and long term effects of spit tobacco. Opens up into a legal sized poster. Produced by Missouri Division of ACS and created by UMKC School of Dentistry/Oncology Education Program.

Photos: Several. Three of oral conditions.

To obtain: May be in limited supply. Call American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345.Missouri ACS Chapter is 1-800-743-6227.

" Quitting Spitting- More that Enough Reasons to Stop Using Spit Tobacco.. NOW!"

Publication No 96-250M No.2090-TOB

Very good brochure going through reasons why a person shouldn't chew and how to quit. Primarily focused at teenagers but would be good for all chewers regardless of age. 13 pages.

Photos: No photos but many illustrations.

To obtain: Contact your state American Cancer Society office or call 1-800-ACS-2345 (1-800-227-2345). You may want to also try the ACS web site at

" Tobacco and Your Mouth" by Arden Christen, DDS, MSD, MA

Publication No. English version: 13810, Hispanic Version: 13815

An eight-page brochure/booklet that graphically shows what effects tobacco has on the oral cavity for both smokers and users of spit tobacco. Covers tobacco as a social disability, its life threatening aspects, how it affects gum tissues and head sinuses as well as other health related problems. Excellent for professionals for their offices and for users who want to quit.

Photos: 22 color photos and 2 black/white

To obtain: The Health Connection, 55 West Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740, Phone: (301) 791-7000

" Here's a Pitch No One Can Handle"
"Some Important Tips from Major Leaguers to their Fans Everywhere"

Publication No. (none)

Two short baseball oriented brochures that cover some problems caused by SLT use and one line facts.Great testimonials from major players. Good for role modeling.

Photos: Photos of Rick Bender and Sean Marsee who fell victim to oral cancer as well as some other baseball players.

To obtain: Contact Oral Health America at America's Fund for Dental Health, 211 East Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60611 or call 312-787-6270.

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