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A complete minimum intervention program with an online cessation forum and 11-chapter eBook.  This program follows clinically proven methodology and recommends Mint Snuff to help combat the behavioral and psychological symptoms associated with quitting dip or chew.
: A great spit tobacco site developed and maintained by Peter J. Casano, MD a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Covers the types of spit tobacco, its contents, effects of addiction, and dangers caused by tobacco. : One of the most complete tobacco sites available. Developed and maintained by Gene Bario, it has numerous articles, sections and pages of great interest. A must-visit! Healthwatch - Smokeless Tobacco: The Dipper's Dilemma Smokeless tobacco poster A Spittin' Image - non-profit organization makes and distributes documentary films & educational videos, distributed worldwide to schools, libraries, churches, government Self-guided Materials for Quitting University of Arkansas study called the PATCH project with help for teens on spit tobacco. 

Organizations and Services Tobacco Use Prevention Training Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill American Cancer Society, Texas Division, Inc.
http://www.ada.orgAmerican Dental Association American Dental Hygienists Association National Oral Cancer Awareness-- Oral Cancer Information Center-- Dental Health Facts - Smokeless Tobacco Oral Health Education Foundation Washington D.O.C. (Doctors Ought to Care) American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout Arizona Nicotine and Tobacco Network American Academy of Family Physicians S•P•O•H•N•C- Support network for people with oral and head & neck cancer.
This non-profit group provides support and addresses the broad emotional, physical and humanistic needs of patients. National Association of Tobacco Addiction Counselors is a national non-profit professional association made up of healthcare professionals dedicated to fighting nicotine addiction The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, independent organization working to free America's kids from tobacco by changing the nation's social environment and public policies. the "Kick Butt" Community Challenge started September 14, 1998.It is a free six-week Community Challenge to help visitors not only quit smoking, but give them the tools gain support to kick their smoking habit for good. is a great site for people in the dental health profession. Many resources and excellent links to other dental related sites.

National Government NIDA Nicotine Summary Page. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) supports more than 85 percent of the world's research on health aspects of drug abuse and addiction. It is also a leader in education and prevention efforts to combat the use of drugs of abuse, including nicotine. As a part of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, NIDA has a mandate from Congress to get research information into the hands of the public. NIDA's website contains a wealth of in-depth information on nicotine,including: * a research report on nicotine addiction * a fact sheet on cigarettes and nicotine products * the meeting summary of the 1998 national research forum, Addicted to Nicotine (which can be seen online in its entirety) * the nicotine segment of Mind Over Matter, an educational series for 5th - 9th graders * nicotine-related articles from the bi-monthly NIDA Notes newsletter * press releases National Cancer Institute National Oral Health InformationClearinghouse CDC's Tobacco Information & Prevention Sourcepage Center of Disease Control's Tobacco Info - Youth Cessation Guide - "I Quit" booklet CDC Media Campaign Resource Center

State/Local Government Spit Tobacco Prevention Network (Austin, Texas) Texas Department of Health Texas Medical Association -- New Jersey Stop American Stop Smoking Intervention (ASSIST)


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